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Isuzu in Indonesia have started to be marketed since 1960, the best known product is the Isuzu Bison. On May 3, 1974 founded the company with the name of PT. Panja motor by PT. Panja Niaga Commerce together with the Ir Rustam Dervish based in Jakarta. On May 6 shares. Five Motor 100% to belong to PT. Panja Niaga
In 1988 PT. Unitras First buy 68% stake in PT. Panja motors and the rest is still owned by PT. Panja Niaga.

In 1991 PT. Astra International Tbk become majority owner of PT. Panja Motor with 75% of the shares purchased through PT. Aryaloka Sentana from PT. Unitras Pertama. In the same year Isuzu Panther TBR 52, 2300 cc Direct Injection Diesel was launched to the market.

In 1995, diliuncurkan Isuzu Elf, 2800 cc Direct Injection Diesel. In the year 1996 issued by Isuzu Panther TBR 54, 2500 cc Direct Injection Diesel and Isuzu also Borneo, medium-class truck. In the same year, the entry of foreign investors in the PT. Panja Motor namely Isuzu Motors Ltd. and Itochu Corporation. In the same year held Laga coast isuzu I that produces results one liter of diesel can be a distance of 31 km.

In the year 1997, PT. Panja Motor export Panther Isuzu to the country Philippines and Taiwan, and in 2000 launched Isuzu New Panther 160, 2500 cc Direct Injection Dieseil. Hose not long in 2001, Isuzu New Panther 160th Touring issued by PT.Panja motors.

In 2002, Isuzu was re-organized games Pantura II, with a new record I liters of diesel to 33.87 km. Isuzu held next year Tourism Action Jakarta, with a record-breaking convoy Muri with a similar vehicle (Isuzu Panther), the longest 863 units.

Isuzu increase the number of countries to export: Isuzu Panther, by sending CKD to countries Vietnam and India in the year 2005.

In 2007, Surabaya Tourism Action held a total audience of vehicle 1022 Isuzu Panther. In this year also, Isuzu launched as a year for the Commercial Vehicle. In August 2007, Isuzu head office building was inaugurated, all activities moved in the new building.

Finally, in 2008, signing DTS (Deed of Transfer of Shares) held on 4th February 2008, the shares are disposed of. Arya Kharisma to Isuzu Motors Ltd. as much as 14.88%, so the composition of the shares was changed to PT. Arya Kharisma (Astra Int'l) 44.94%, 44.94% Isuzu Motors Ltd. and PT. PPI of 10:12%.

On April 14, 2008, through the AGM it was decided the name of PT. Panja Motor changed to PT. Isuzu ASTRA MOTOR INDONESIA

Isuzu D-MAX is a 4 WD car issued by Isuzu with a reliable design for the field of weight but still provide the comfort they are used and also give the impression of a luxury car because it was designed with a beautiful interion to Pick UP cars.

There are several types of Isuzu D-MAX, among others, as follows:

1. D-MAX Single Cab

2. D-MAX Double Cab



Panther is divided into several species, the grand touring Panther, Panther LM Smart, Panther LV Adventure. At this time the mainstay of the Grand Touring Panther isuzu is because specifications have above average car for the family car class.

1. LM Smart

2. LV. Adventure

3. Grand Touring

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